Treatments and Body Memories

My methods have been inspired by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, de Claudia Rainville (La Metamédecine), Jacques Martell, Michel Odoul, Patrick Drouet, Myriam Brousse (Votre corps a une mémoire) … and several meetings with Alex Orbito, a healer from the Philippines .

I have followed a number of courses on :

• Body Energies
• Chakras
• Nadis
• Energy blockages
• Cristals and minerals
• Body Memories
• Reiki

Meeting and discussing these points with other healers helps us to improve our healing techniques.

Energy Healing is holistic and natural. Used to reharmonize, rebalance the body and it’s chakras.

I incorporate the use of Reiki in my treatments too.
With the hands we can channel-in new energy and revitalize the body and its organs. (The hands do not necessarily need to touch the body).
It treats the symptoms but above all the causes of dysfunction.

Using these methods / tools we clean, rebalance, recharge and repair the energy "body" known as « Aura », which in turn reacts on the whole body system and its organs. Helping the body to regenerate and heal.

Body Memories

Our health problems generally have a link to our professional side - (stress, lack of recognition or gratitude, loss of job, harcelement, etc ), family relationships (the couple, divorce, family members, pregnancy and birth difficulties, bereavements, health,) and often leave a permanent scar ! These "scars" , Body Memories need to be sought out, talked about, accepted and treated, so as our bodies no longer suffer pain , illness etc. Once you have started to look at the problem you will feel a change in your body.
I offer you the chance to talk about your problems which are at the heart of your health problems and to find a solution !
We all have the right to be happy ! We have to find the cause first ! But only you yourself can take the first step !

Chakras, (wheels in Sanscrit).

For the Hindous « Chakras » are our energy centres. Five million years old and used in Ayuvedique medicine. There are seven main chakras which are often slowed down by physical, mental and emotional problems. The result is an imbalance and can cause illness, pain, depression and all sorts of health problems.

During the treatments you will often feel a tingling in your fingers/toes, a sense of warming, and well being. For each person it is different. Each session starts with a short relaxation period to regenerate the body’s energies.


• Crown Amethyste Sahasrara I know, I understand
• Third eye Lapis-Lazuli Ajna I see
• Throat Aigue-Marine Vishuddhi I speak, I express
• Heart Malachite Anahata I love
• Solar Plexus Oeil de Tigre Manipura I want, I can
• Sacral Cornaline Svadisthana I feel
• Root Jaspe rouge Mulhadhara I am

The reharmonisation, rebalancing and revitalising of the body energies is extremely important and triggers off the healing process of the physical, mental and emotional sides.

This treats not only the sypmtoms but primarily the causes of the dysfunction.

Treatments for children

I see more and more children / teenagers lacking in confidence with anxiety, stress problems, difficulties in concentration at school, family split ups, divorce, etc..

Energy healing is very good and they really enjoy it. They find it very interesting. I suggest sessions of 30 minutes.

Wednesday afternoons are priority for children.

The treatments can be in either English or French